Portraits of Mylo, Nathan, Vogue and John.

Michael’s work covers a variety of subject matters and over the years he has been commissioned for a number of landscapes, seascapes, maritime works, wildlife works and even architectural paintings.

However, the most common requests he receives are for portraits of family members and pets. Oftentimes, these commissions are to commemorate joyous special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings or meaningful milestones. While other requests are for a fitting and permanent tribute to a beloved family member or pet who sadly passed away, as sometimes a photograph just isn’t enough.

Michael can work from photographs he has taken or you have supplied. Alternatively, after discussion you may both agree that a live sitting is the best way to capture the essence of the subject.

Prices and timescales will depend on the size and subject matter, so if you have an idea for a commission that you would like to discuss, you can contact Michael via or by filling in the form on the contact page.